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Today, the founders of the BAROMAN brand, Rodica Ursan and Saad El Darazi, is with you, who will tell you how the idea of creating the brand was born:

‘Perhaps I’ll start with a short story about myself so that we can get to know each other better. I was born in a small village in the north of Moldova, in this place, my parents founded a big and very warm family. Thanks to my family, I had a happy childhood where I had the freedom to come up with and implement my craziest ideas. It seems to me that I have not changed at all, the same Rodica, but wearing heels.

My family has always been dear to me, so I think you can understand how much it hurt me, when they moved to France and I was living alone in a strange city. But the story does not end there, just a few months later the pandemic began in 2020, leaving me without the opportunity to go and see my family. Although I consider myself a positive and strong person, but this period greatly influenced my joy, you know what I mean?

At the time, I was working as a brand designer, helping other brands become strong corporations. When the pandemic has left me without a job, I decided to open my own business, which could satisfy my emotional needs. I tried many activities, but all was unsuccessful.

One day my parents sent me a package of coffee from France, and since all the restaurants were closed, I started learning how to make coffee at home. I turned on YouTube and watched how to make latte and other drinks, it turns out this is a whole art. Since I really love sharing my life on social networks, I created my own trend: a video on how to make coffee and breakfast, with the title: GOOD MORNING WORLD!

It helped me a lot to get out of bed and stay positive, but I could not even imagine that I would receive such support from my subscribers. Many wrote to me: I open instagram in the morning, just to see your stories. Among them, I found a friend who told me about different types of coffee, I did not even know that coffee can have different tastes like wine. Our conversations about coffee were so encouraging that we decided to work together and start a company that makes our product. But how to do this if we live in different countries and because of the pandemic we cannot open anything?

After a lot of thinking, I decided to move to France near to my family. Unfortunately, Saad (that Instagram friend) couldn’t move that year, but we did not despair and decided not to waste time, we need to come up with a brand concept. The question that I could not solve for a long time was about the name of the brand. Tired of banal naming, I wanted the name to express the state, emotions and feelings of creators.

One day, after reading a book about a French baron, the source of ‘baron’ was briefly explained there. It turns out that the word baron was an abbreviation of two words ‘Baro-Man’, which means Baro - great, important; Man is a person. I remember how my heart began to beat loudly, a better name than this simply does not exist in the whole world. The baroman is suitable for all points, especially emphasises the psychology of the brand: Our clients are baroman! Our clients are great people!

We want our customers to feel like barons when they prepare their morning coffee. Therefore, we decided to get rid of the heavy luxury and unnecessary pathos, we made sure that our service is very modern and easy to use.’

Saad: ‘It was a typical boring day in quarantine, spending time on Instagram, randomly I came across a post by Rodica in the recommendation. Of course, I went to her profile to see who is that beautiful woman. I liked her work in design, and because I needed a logo for my company in Lebanon, I offered her collaboration.

Since a severe crisis began in my country, I began to think about moving to another country and starting a new business. I really love my profession as an industrial engineer, so I often sat in my workshop, doing a lot of experiments. Once I tried to roast coffee, and it turned out so tasty and good that I didn’t even notice how I began passionated about coffee roast. I spent a lot of time studying about coffee sorts and roasting. At this moment, I see that Rodica begins to post and talk about making coffee. And then we thought, maybe it’s worth creating a dream job out of a hobby?

Our views and thoughts coincided, and we began to plan to open a small company in France, since I studied there for many years, and Rodica’s family lives there. You already know that I couldn’t move due to problems in the country, but we didn’t let go of our hands and continued to work together. And as soon as I was able to move to Paris, my life completely changed and things went very well.

My life continues to surprise me, but I believe there are no accidents.‘

Thank you for reading the history of the BAROMAN brand! Don't forget to please yourself and your family!

With love,
Rodica U & Saad D

History of the BAROMAN