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Trade tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies in a safe and proven ecosystem

About our company
The main goal of The Trade is to provide an environment where investors and organizations can trade, invest and increase capital with the help of a multi-currency trading strategy. The company is confident that the future of financial systems is based on openness, accessibility, and fairness, where everyone can participate in the economy. We want people who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies to be able to use them to achieve their goals. That is why the protection of our platform was created in accordance with international standards.
Entrepreneurs, investors, developers, financial organizations - everyone has an opportunity to increase their capital together with The Trade platform. Our specialists always maintain high liquidity in all financial markets to provide our clients with useful economic experience. We appreciate each client, so we treat his wishes carefully and responsibly. The Trade is a revolution in crypto technologies and a decentralized economy. Everything is changing, but we guarantee that The Trade will become a leader in crypto technologies.
The Trade's mission is to provide our customers with the most comfortable, profitable and safe investments in the fastest growing sectors of the world economy.
Investment strategies
Index Trade
The goal of the strategy is to track the top 20 cryptocurrencies that have the highest market capitalization in the last 3 months. Using the strategy, the investor facilitates the investment process.
Balance Trade
The goal of the strategy is to track the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization in the last 3 months. The strategy helps to make a profit equal to the income of the cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization.
Arbi Trade
The purpose of the strategy is to select combinations of tools that make up the spread. The strategy uses only highly correlated instruments with similar characteristics.
Algo Trade
The strategy is aimed at automating complex trading tactics, creating, modeling and implementing various situations. The strategy is ideal for hedge funds due to its efficiency and flexibility.
Our platform uses smart contracts that allow clients to control every action that occurs in the service. We take care of the security of the platform that is why we use cold storage with the world's largest custodians, SSL, and two-factor authentication. Such an approach has helped us successfully pass the security audit.
The Trade's features
The Trade experts carefully analyze dozens of international markets, monitor changes in trends and promptly correct investment strategies of The Trade Capital fund. Our specialists use a huge number of currency market instruments, they are guided by fundamental and technical analysis. They balance between aggressive and conservative strategies. Such an approach allows everyone to increase own capital without exposing funds to great risks.
The use of blockchain technology allows us to provide full transparency of the service. We have automated all reporting processes. Such innovation has helped us to make the trading process more comfortable.
The satisfaction of the investor`s wishes is our goal. The goal of any investor is to make a profit. Guided by this desire, we do not limit the income of investors. All earned funds are fairly distributed between the fund and the investor.
The Trade investment portfolio uses both promising assets from the IT sphere and classical fiat instruments. In order to minimize any risks, we hedge all positions.

Earnings in the IT market has never been so simple, efficient and secure!

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